Introducing, the future of no-code web development

What is lets you visually create data-driven web-apps with total freedom on the look and feel of your project.

How is different from current solutions

The platforms you already know of like SquareSpace, Wix or Wordpress are based on templates which means that you need to choose a predefined template in their catalog and then customize it in your template settings. on the other hand is a canvas-based platform meaning that you are not bound to a set of templates. You can actually build your own template yourself with our intuitive drag and drop editor without writing a single line of code.

The advantage is that you can create more unique and elegant sites, faster and with a fraction of the price.

But that is not it!

One of the unique features of is that not only you can set up the front-end of your website or web-app, but you can also set up workflows that work on the backend.

That means that you can integrate your own app logic without writing a single line of code.

Whether you need to fetch data from a database or set up server-side logic, allows you to build what you have in mind. is about having a more productive workflow

One of the main advantages of using is that designers can spend more time on their canvas making beautiful layouts rather than going back and forth from a code-editor, an FTP client, the browser and CSS documentation.

Moreover, a designer can now make create custom interactions and workflows without writing code. No need to hire a developer for seemingly simple tasks. You can do it yourself with our visual workflow builder.

Frontend and Backend go Hand In Hand

There used to be a split between backend developers and frontend designers. Making something as simple as a typo fix would take weeks and many back-and-forth emails. solves this problem by allowing both the frontend and backend to be made on the same platform while keeping everything organized. Making a design change or a typo fix can be done in seconds and no longer involves downtime or backend updates.


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