Introducing's Exporter: Build in NoCode, Export to any Framework

Today, we are happy to announce that we are launching the Exporter. This tool allows you to export your No-Code project into a standalone app independent from the platform.

It exports the backend as well as the frontend into a well organized project that you can host on your own servers. The generated code is clean and can easily be edited to add your own functionality.

Right now, the exporter allows you to export your project as a NodeJS Express app. It uses MongoDB for the database and Liquid/Mustache as a templating engine.

Work is ongoing to support more frameworks and programming languages such as React, Vue, Angular, PHP Laravel, but also different database backends such as MySQL...

Build in NoCode, Export to any Framework

This new feature is revolutionary as it allows you to build in NoCode once and export to any framework you want.

We noticed a lot of people are reluctant to using NoCode platforms such as for building their projects fearing being limited by the functionality the platform provides as well as being locked and being dependent on our ecosystem.

This problem is now solved, if you ever want to, you can export your project and host it yourself independently from

How to export a project

To export a project, you simply need to click on the export button in the No-Code Editor. It is right next to the Save button. NoCode Export Button

Once clicked, you will be able to choose the export settings before the download begins. The ZIP file will contain all the necessary files to deploy your project. An Readme file is provided with instructions for deployment as well as an auto-install script to facilitate the process. NoCode Export Settings


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